FEATURED PARTNER Equitas Entertainment

Positive social impact through film

“Imprisoned” is a unique story set in Puerto Rico and centers on the themes of love, redemption, revenge and forgiveness. It stars Laurence Fishburne, Juan Pablo Raba, Juana Acosta, Jon Huertas, Esai Morals, Edward James Olmos, and John Heard. The film was written and directed by Paul Kampf and produced by Equitas Entertainment Partners, whose mission is to make a social impact, give a voice to the under-served while closing the gender pay gap in front of and behind the camera.

PeaceLove is proud to partner with Equitas Entertaiment to improve the mental health of incarcerated populations. Portions of the proceeds from “Imprisoned” will support the training of CREATORS who will serve incarcerated populations throughout the country.

To kick off our partnership we have teamed up with Franklin County Corrections, a leader in jail reform, to pilot PeaceLove’s expressive arts program. In doing this, we hope to improve mental health outcomes for male, female, and LGBTQIA+ incarcerated populations in Columbus, Ohio and beyond. You can learn more about this innovative program by watching the video.