Featured Partner Janssen Johnson & Johnson

The art of ending stigma

In January 2019, PeaceLove Founders Matt Kaplan and Jeff Sparr traveled to Davos, Switzerland to participate in the World Economic Forum and share PeaceLove’s message internationally. Wellcome Trust, Friendship Bench, PeaceLove, United for Global Mental Health, Johnson & Johnson and many others celebrated the intersection of innovation and the arts to help society break down stigma and solve challenges surrounding mental health during an event at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos.

In June 2018, Janssen Johnson & Johnson launched the Champions of Science: The Art of Ending Stigma campaign with PeaceLove as a featured collaborator. In addition to providing support for the campaign, our co-founder Jeff Sparr worked with Janssen to create the campaign logo.

PeaceLove and other leading mental health and arts organizations have joined the project to encourage and engage the power of artistic creation to break down stigma about mental health and to build greater empathy and understanding. People are encouraged to share their creativity to combat stigma using the hashtag #ArtOfEndingStigma and by contributing to the online gallery at ArtOfEndingStigma.com.

Jeff was also featured in the campaign video about why there should be no stigma in society. “Mental illness can impact anybody and everybody,” Jeff states. “I’m just a regular guy just trying to get better.” You can watch the Champions of Science: Art of Ending Stigma video here.