Measurably improving brain health

On October 26, 2017, Pam and Phil Martin’s son, Chris, died by suicide while attending Gonzaga University. He was just 20 years old. RADical Hope was established in Chris’s honor. Chris experienced periods of emotional isolation, compounded by a glaring lack of opportunities to express his struggles. Where mental health programs do exist, there is no universal standard to measure which interventions are effective. Chris’s experience is at the core of RADical Hope’s mission. RADical Hope is committed to changing this landscape. Supported by scientists across the field, RADical Hope will establish a model to evaluate social behavioral programs, with the goal of setting a standard that can be universally applied.

PeaceLove is proud to partner with RADical Hope. Together, we strive to establish a space to create fearlessly and honestly without judgement.  RADical Hope is making strategic investments to increase PeaceLove’s program reach and to design a rigorous evaluation for mental health program efficacy.