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Getting Better

"Getting Better" Book
"Getting Better" Book"Getting Better" Book"Getting Better" Book


“Getting Better” is an 18 page mini book that features three captivating stories from PeaceLove founder Jeffrey Sparr. Through a blend of photography, illustration and Jeff’s own words, “Getting Better” gives an inside look at living with OCD, finding relief through art, and the experience of sharing the healing power of art with others.

“Getting Better” measures 7″x8.5″.

My name is Jeffrey Sparr. I am a father, husband, entrepreneur, teacher, and artist. I have also been living with mental illness for over 25 years. I’m just a regular guy who has a story to tell that I hope can be an inspiration and proof that there truly is a better tomorrow for all of us. I consider myself one of the lucky ones. I was diagnosed with OCD and was able to get help in the form of medication and behavioral therapy. However, even after treatment, my OCD and anxiety were still present. So I did the best I could, but always with the hope of finding some magical cure that realistically I know doesn’t exist. Desperate for an outlet to relieve my anxiety, on a whim I decided to buy some art supplies and try my hand at painting. To my amazement, not only did I enjoy it, but it gave me a sense of control that my illness deprived me of. It also provided me with the peace of mind I was searching for. Today, I’m working to bring that experience to people across the country to help them create their own peace of mind.

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