Do I have to be artistic to be a good CREATOR?
At PeaceLove, we believe everyone’s an artist! If you don’t see yourself as one, that’s OK. You can be a great CREATOR without being confident in your own artistic abilities.

What will I learn in the training?
During this intensive 2-day experience, you will learn about expressive arts, how they support mental wellness, specific expressive arts facilitation techniques, and be trained in 4 different workshops. You will also make new friends, have lots of fun, and gain insight about yourself as a creative and expressive person.

What is my commitment as a CREATOR?
Once you have been accepted into this program you commit to the process of becoming an active CREATOR. This includes participating in the full training, facilitating at least 12 workshops within one year, and providing us with documentation about the experiences you lead. We support you in this process not just with supplies but also through ongoing communication and guidance. We also connect you to our active network of CREATORS for continued growth and professional development. You will receive programmatic and facilitation feedback, as well as measurements of the impact you are having on your community upon request.

Will this training allow me to teach others how to be a CREATOR?
No, this training is for you. If you know someone who would like to be a CREATOR, encourage them to apply and attend one of our trainings!

How are the scholarships awarded?
Our corporate partners and private funders provide partial scholarships to individuals whose organization may not be able to afford the cost of the CREATORS training. Scholarships are determined by monies available, the estimated impact, and specific requests from our donors.

Become a CREATOR