Learn About PeaceLove CREATORS

Delivering expressive arts to communities in need.

The CREATORS Program equips frontline professionals to deliver our expressive arts curriculum to their communities. Facilitators work directly with individuals, families, and groups throughout the country to help them achieve improved mental health and better quality of life through artistic expression. After receiving training, CREATORS deliver ongoing workshops consisting of visual arts, storytelling, sound, and movement with the purpose of providing new resources and skills to achieve mental wellness.

Become a CREATOR

Our CREATORS are passionate, dedicated professionals who positively impact lives every day. They are a diverse group of teachers, social workers, child life specialists, recreational therapists, LMHC’s, etc. working with kids, teens and adults throughout the country. PeaceLove is possible because of these inspiring frontline professionals.

Our Impact


PeaceLove CREATORS Trained

Improving mental health, one community at a time.


Participants Who Have Access to PeaceLove Each Year

Achieving emotional well being through creative activities.


In these workshops, these individuals are seen, heard, respected, and welcomed. There’s not much opportunity in the world these days to go and do something that the goal is to just ‘feel better.’ To create, without judgement or focus on what is produced. That’s the magic.

Andrea Durant Deming, Covenant Case Management Services

PeaceLove gave us the tools to give these people the right to open up and feel heard and know that they are not alone in their battle.

Aimee Shinall, Peoria County Sheriff’s Office

Having a safe space to express and process thoughts, feelings, and memories, as well as the opportunity to share them with other Veterans has been a true gift to bear witness to.

Kathleen Burkhart, Veterans Affairs

PeaceLove allowed us to begin to dive into what was going on in this patient’s mind in a safe and creative way. This was a huge breakthrough for us!

Ruthie Charendoff, John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital

PeaceLove has not only inspired and supported those with whom I work, but it has changed my life.

Sarah Jane Harris, National Center for Children and Families

My patient found that she absolutely loved painting and that it helped her cope with the long lonely days in the hospital.

Traci Aoki-Tan, Kaiser Permanente Hospital

The workshop brought an immediate sense of relief to this incarcerated individual that I have never seen anything else provide.

Tresalyn Butler, Franklin County Sheriff’s Office

Populations We Serve

Justice System





Behavioral Health

Our Core Workshops

Dual Emotions

Exploring the relationship between different emotions experienced

Mandala Poetry

Learning to be present in the moment while becoming more conscious of inner thoughts and feelings

Story Shoes

Expressing each person’s unique story and life journey using three-dimensional collage and stories

Transformation Collage

Inspiring transformation of unhealthy behaviors and thought patterns into a positive alternative path



PeaceLove is not a licensed therapy provider. In the CREATORS training, participants learn how to utilize the arts as a way to inspire, motivate, build self-confidence, and improve lives through creative expression and a message of hope. While our programs are based on the belief that creating art is healing and life enhancing, we do not include psychotherapeutic theories or techniques in our process. We recognize that creative expression can be helpful in communicating issues, emotions, and conflicts; however, we do not evaluate, interpret, or diagnose individuals based on their work. Should serious emotional issues arise for any individual, we advise that the person seek additional support from appropriate doctors and therapists.

Becoming a PeaceLove CREATOR does not make a person a licensed therapist nor is the curriculum a substitute for therapy.