Learn About PeaceLove CREATORS

Delivering expressive arts to communities in need.

The CREATORS Program equips frontline professionals to deliver our expressive arts curriculum to their communities. Facilitators work directly with individuals, families, and groups throughout the country to help them achieve improved mental health and better quality of life through artistic expression. After receiving training, CREATORS deliver ongoing workshops consisting of visual arts, storytelling, sound, and movement with the purpose of providing new resources and skills to achieve mental wellness. Learn more here.

Become a CREATOR

The Workshops

Creative Calisthenics

Getting out of comfort zones through an exciting and unexpected exercise with paint

Dual Emotions

Exploring the relationship between different emotions experienced

Mandala Poetry

Learning to be present in the moment while becoming more conscious of inner thoughts and feelings

Rhythm and Color

Collaborating through a multimodal experience of musical creativity, artistic inspiration, and dynamic energy

Story Shoes

Expressing each person’s unique story and life journey using three-dimensional collage and stories

Transformation Collages

Inspiring transformation of unhealthy behaviors and thought patterns into a positive alternative path

Patterns and Motion

Expressing emotion through movement and meditative scribbles to achieve a state of calm

Colors of Me

Exploring connection between colors and emotions using metaphors to create a visual book

Our Impact


PeaceLove CREATORS Trained

Improving mental health, one community at a time.


States with Ongoing Programs

Creating peace of mind across the U.S., Canada, and Jamaica.


Expressive Arts Experiences Delivered

Achieving mental wellness with new resources and skills.


I have had a tough time, and I am stronger now. PeaceLove helps me think about my mental health in a positive way.

PeaceLove Program Participant

To me my project is a way to show how I really feel and what’s really going on in my head. It made me realize recovery is possible.

PeaceLove Program Participant

I really liked that this experience helped me look at my inner self.

PeaceLove Program Participant

PeaceLove helps me slow down, reach deep into my thoughts and express my true emotions.

PeaceLove Program Participant

I am amazed at how much I find out about myself in my artwork. We need to keep doing creative healing in group!

PeaceLove Program Participant

Meet the Creators

Our CREATORS are passionate, dedicated professionals who positively impact lives every day. They are a diverse group of teachers, social workers, child life specialists, recreational therapists, LMHC’s, etc. working with kids, teens and adults throughout the country. PeaceLove is possible because of these inspiring frontline professionals.

[I am] excited to help my population grow, heal, and realize all the good things they can do in life through expressive arts. Many of the people in my population don't have the freedoms that PeaceLove workshops can give them and I am very excited to give them that freedom of expression.

Ali Clements


I felt thrilled because it went so well, and the patients seemed to love it.

Allison Guiliano

Eleanor Slater Hospital
Rhode Island

I'm excited to be a CREATOR because I know how much this process and the workshops can benefit others!

Amanda Malone

Howard County Public School System

The feedback we received was incredible. We had tears of joy, happy dances, huge smiles and lots of air kisses and hugs.

Amara Riccio

Riccio Pick Me Ups
New Jersey

I am excited to bring something new and fresh to my participants. I am excited to offer new opportunities for participants to grow personally.

Amber Havens

North Little Rock Parks & Recreation

I was impressed with the reactions from each of the kids... from increased focus, to big smiles, expression of feelings during the workshop.

Amy Niezrecki

Nashua School District
New Hampshire

Being able to be a part of the moment when a patient is able to freely create and express how they feel through their artwork is beyond rewarding. If it were up to me, I would have nothing but PeaceLove workshops going from 9-3 every day for every patient.

Andrea Durant-Deming

Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation

Everyone needs to take care of their mental health. You do not need to be diagnosed with something in order to get something out of [this program].

Andrea Ericson

Wareham Middle School

I'm excited to bring a new form of expression towards a demographic that doesn't always have access.

Andrew Wolff

Boys Town New England
Rhode Island

The CREATORS Program will help me connect with some of our children who have experienced trauma and give them a way to express their feelings.

Angie Cain

Winchester Public Schools

I am looking forward to creating a space to express with our youth. I hope this tool can lead to discovery, connections, and conversation.

Anthony LaFauci

Roxbury Youthworks, Inc.

I'm excited to bring something new that people haven't seen before. I know this program can bring a lot of positivity to their lives.

Ashley Mazejko

Sojourner House
Rhode Island

Mental health isn't just about having a mental health disorder, but also how one improves or works on their mental wellness.

Ashley Quan

Boys and Girls Club Boston

I am so excited to have a whole new set of skills that can help our children, adolescents and their families connect and find peace of mind!

Ashley Rogers

Family and Children's Aid

The CREATORS Program allows me to connect with participants in a different way, giving kids the time to immerse themselves in a creative experience and let them be who they are.

Becca Taylor

New Hampshire Hospital
New Hampshire

Expressive arts is a wonderful way to give children in my hospital a voice and an outlet for their feelings.

Belinda Thayn

Castleview Hospital

I am excited to [use the CREATORS Program to] bring more ways of communication to my population.

Bethany Diedrich


I am looking forward to helping those in the community I work with better understand themselves and their emotions through expressive arts. I hope for expressive arts to be their voice and their outlet.

Bethany Sinn

Cape Cod Child Development Center

Beverly Perez

Family Service RI
Rhode Island

I look forward to implementing how open people can be with each other, being open and honest and feeling comfortable with that. I want them to be able to express themselves, even if it's not with words.

Brianna Aquino

The Met School
Rhode Island

I'm excited to see others grow through expressive arts and for the potential to reach those I may not have been able to reach without the tools I've learned through the [training].

Brittany Hook

Recreational Therapist

I realized that doing these workshops have opened my eyes to new ideas both of myself and how I can provide workshops to my population.

Carla Beattie

Bradley Hospital
Rhode Island

[As a CREATOR, I am most excited about] helping my patients express themselves.

Carla De Lemos

Kaiser Permanente

I think the curriculum is great and will be really helpful to my patients, and the community.

Ceceley Chambers

Dana Farber Cancer Institute

Chelsea Rudomen

Blue Sky Abilities, Inc.

I am looking forward to adding six new expressive arts activities to my repetoire and seeing my patients' reaction. I'm also excited for the opportunity to represent PeaceLove in my organization. I am the first from my hospital to train at PeaceLove and I hope to inspire others to train as well.

Chrissy Brault

Hartford Hospital

My greatest success [as a CREATOR] is being able to inspire the students I work with to try some new ways of working through their problems.

Christina Getz

Caron Treatment Centers

I believe that there are all kinds of support and different ways to approach mental health, and to have [this new tool] gives me hope.

Christine Forsyth

Family Service RI
Rhode Island

I'm excited to be a CREATOR [to support] my students' mental wellness through creative arts.

Cole Robinson

The Met School
Rhode Island

With PeaceLove, clients will have access to expressive arts to help heal.

Colleen Hayes-Costello

Family Service of RI
Rhode Island

Courtney McGuire

Family Service of RI
Rhode Island

I have had the privilege of watching participants transform through participation. Whether participants were engaging in a single workshop or my weekly series through the clinic, I have watched these workshops really deliver 1-2 hours of true peace of mind.

Dana Hillman

Family and Children's Aid

I've had some idea as to how art/creative expression can be useful, but this experience has really shifted my thinking.

Darren Ellison

Family and Children's Aid

I was blown away by some really profound insights from some patients who had struggled in other groups.

David Leicht

Butler Hospital
Rhode Island

Running these PeaceLove groups where individuals can express their feelings and emotions in such a safe and creative way while experiencing healing and self-exploration is such a powerful and beautiful process and is the reason I feel honored and blessed to now be a PeaceLove CREATOR.

Diane Dioguardi

Education Without Walls

PeaceLove is creative, accessible, and non-intimidating.

Ellice Park

Counseling Care Circle

Emily Gardner

WellBridge Healthcare

I am looking forward to providing clients with an opportunity to experience mental health awareness with creativity and art.

Erin Albanese

Family Service RI
Rhode Island

I have always used art to find healing and deal with mental health challenges and I have always been an advocate for reducing stigma around mental illnesses and now I feel as though I can channel these passions in a meaningful productive way.

Erin Ortega

Manchester Public School

I'm excited to be a CREATOR to share alternative methods to process emotions.

Frankie Stovall

Methodist Behavioral Hospital

The CREATORS Program will give my population the chance to express themselves and gain some insight into the areas they are hoping to work on.

Gayle Kanary

Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital for Rehabilitation

These workshops have been a wonderful complement to the services I provide for my clients and the care that they receive at Ontario Shores.

Grace Williamson

Ontario Shores
Ontario, Canada

I enjoyed the experience so much that I can’t wait to give my clients an opportunity to experience what I did! I think that expressive arts will be very soothing for my clients.

Haley Gerstein

Comprehensive Community Action Program
Rhode Island

I have found being a CREATOR to be a huge teaching tool for me! I see the joy in the kids letting them be free to do what they want.

Janice Sanchez

Boys and Girls Club of East Providence
Rhode Island

I'm looking forward to starting to help others work through their personal challenges in a creative and 'non traditional' way.

Jessica Raymond

Family & Children's Aid

I have discovered an inherent creativity within myself and I am so grateful for that. I plan to carve out creative time for myself knowing this will bring me peace and provide a healthy and meaningful outlet for my own thoughts and emotions.

Jessica Young

Family & Children's Aid

Johanna Shriver-Halligan

TaraVista Behavioral Health Center
New Hampshire

I am looking forward to providing new tools for expression and a way to build a stronger community where students can talk about mental health.

Jose Rosario

Rhode Island College
Rhode Island

[With the CREATORS Program], I hope to draw out more creative potential [in my participants] and build their confidence.

Julianne Johnson

Mystic River Residential Care

PeaceLove allows me to add so much more to the people's lives that I work with every day.

Julie Murray

Ontario Shores
Ontario, Canada

I am constantly reminded, especially when doing a workshop, just how fortunate I am to work with the population I work with.

Kara Ronayne

Slater Middle School
Rhode Island

I am most looking forward [to implementing the CREATORS Program] to help kids explore themselves openly and not look to the product of something as defining of themselves or their abilities.

Kate St. Onge

Family & Children's Aid

I'm excited for this program to help bring creativity to my therapy, and encouraging others to use art more.

Katelin Trinidad

Northeast Health Services

I am so excited to have a new tool in my toolbox in order to help others.

Katie Haidemenos

La Salle Academy
Rhode Island

Katina Hilliard

Whitaker Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility
North Carolina

I'm most looking forward to providing a positive, meaningful experience to youth who are suffering from trauma and mental health concerns.

Kellie Sheridan Gauvin

Town of Manchester Youth Service Bureau

I can't wait to help people feel a little bit better about their lives and their mental health. I can't wait to see some of the smiles, and to connect better with the population I serve, where they can express themselves without having to verbalize all of their emotions.

Kelly Hartley

Reliance Health Inc.

I’m excited to see how my students respond to these workshops and the art they create!

Kristine Arons

Manchester Middle Academy

I am excited to be able to share what I have learned with my community. I am happy to be able to take what I have learned in training and apply to my personal/professional life. I love that I am able to use expressive arts as a way to help my patients deal with their mental health.

Krystle Bell

Addiction Recovery Institute
Rhode Island

The kids [at Bradley Hospital] often express how much they enjoy PeaceLove.

Kyri Allison

Rhode Island

I am genuinely so thankful and grateful to be apart of this family. I cannot wait to help spread PeaceLove and see the impact that it makes on our patients, and ultimately, how mental health is treated.

Landy Blackmore

Perimeter Healthcare

I am excited to give kids and families another way to connect with one another and their emotional experience.

Laura Buss

Family Service RI
Rhode Island

I feel as though I have 6 great new activities that are going to allow me to have those 'break through' moments with each patient.

Lea Thompson

Child Life Specialist

Leah Kortman

Parent Support Network
Rhode Island

These workshops will bring empathy, compassion and togetherness to the employees and help foster a positive environment. I truly believe these programs will make a difference in the culture.

Leigh Silveira

Rhode Island

Linda Aguiar

Newport Hospital
Rhode Island

Lindy Walsh

Nashua High School South
New Hampshire

[CREATORS] has helped me to better understand [my participants]… seeing their fears, hearing their struggles, and having them share their dreams.

Lisa Pease

Reach for the Stars Child Development Center
New Hampshire

[As a CREATOR], I hope that [my population] will gain greater emotional resilience, learn new modalities of coping, and begin to express and work through their own individual life traumas.

Lori Janik

Arizona Burn Foundation

I really love [giving] the kids a tool to help them independently manage those [difficult] times on their own.

Lynn Michaelson

Family & Children's Aid

Lynn Tidgwell

RADical Hope

I look forward to implementing this program with my clients, because I am excited to see what will come up instead of utilizing talk therapy.

Madison Dorman

The Center for Youth and Families

I'm excited to give others who suffer from mental illness a way to express themselves in a positive way, where they can be comfortable to share or not share.

Marcela Lee

Natchaug Hospital Joshua Center

Mainly, I have found that being creative has given me an outlet in my own life. PeaceLove gives me a way to pass this on to my students in a way I would never be able to do on my own. I am most grateful for this opportunity.

Maria DiNobile

Central Falls High School
Rhode Island

I'm excited to bring creativity and expression into my school. Creative art is a great outlet and with the guidance of each workshop I know many students are going to benefit from them and get to know themselves a little better.

Marieli Hernandez

The Met School
Rhode Island

[Being a CREATOR] has opened me up to seeing the individuals I work with in a different light.

Marlena Davis

Project Friends
Rhode Island

I know this program will reach some students that we are not reaching in other ways, and that it will reach all students in some way.

Mary Lil Moses

New Horizon's Regional Education Center

Maureen Patterson

Ontario Shores
Ontario, Canada

Megan Frisco

Burke Rehabilitation Hospital
New York

[I'm excited to give] kids a way to express their feelings, a place where kids can be creative and connect with each other outside of their classrooms.

Megan Nason

Boston Public Schools

I am so excited [for the CREATORS Program] to bring a voice to the foster care community in a unique way!

Mindy Solomon

Family & Children's Aid

[This CREATORS Program is] so needed for my population.

Molly Perham

New Hampshire Hospital
New Hampshire

I'm excited to be a CREATOR [to help] my population create peace of mind.

Monika Larson

Family Service RI
Rhode Island

My population is very creative in general and I am pleasantly surprised at their ability to articulate when given the chance to express themselves.

Nancy Lyon

Compass School
Rhode Island

Nancy Styron

The Children's Room

Nicole Millick

Family Service of RI
Rhode Island

Olivia Rauschenbach

Indiana University Health Arnett Hospital

There is a culture shift underway around the value of mindfulness, and this is the perfect time to bring expressive arts workshops to the young children I teach, as well as their classroom teachers.

Pam Atanasoff

Musical Journeys

I am meant to be a part of this work... it is truly an extension of who I am and what my heart believes.

Pam McGrath

Amherst Middle School
New Hampshire

I am looking forward to the freedom that people can experience if they embrace [the CREATORS Program].

Patrice Palmer

Homeland Security & Justice Programs

It's fun watching people take chances and get a little messy!

Paula Brinkman

SPARK After School Program

I'm most looking forward to the responses of my population and to be a key to help them find peace of mind in their projects.

Rose Gray

Portsmouth Regional Hospital
New Hampshire

Samantha Marrocchio

Franciscan Children's

[I am most excited] to see the positive impact [of the CREATORS Program] and to build relationships.

Sandra Nolan

Rhode Island

Sarah Cahill

New York

[I hope the CREATORS Program will help] them understand themselves more without the use of stigma.

Stephanie Lanzi

Eleanor Slater Hospital
Rhode Island

Stephanie Pezzone

Adoption Rhode Island
Rhode Island

The individuals that I serve all have beautiful voices and strong stories.

Sunnie Ennis

Help Of Southern Nevada

I have found that using creative arts helps me to deal more effectively with challenges I encounter in my work.

Tammy Lynn Hayes

Kaiser Permanente

Some participants that I know struggle with self-expression were able to express themselves with ease.

Taylor Hooker

Veteran's Affairs

[I'm excited to use the CREATORS Program] to help people cope with their illness or feelings through art as a modality.

Traci Aoki-Tan

Kaiser Permanente

Tracy Jones

C.W. Bill Young VA Medical Center

I am excited to be a CREATOR so that I can share expressive arts with populations that would not normally have access to a program like PeaceLove!

Tresalyn Butler

Franklin County Sheriff's Office

This is one of the best programs that I have been involved with in terms of impact on my participants.

Valerie Carter

Recreational Therapist

I am excited to show [my participants] another way to heal.

Vanessa Cubellis

Family Service RI
Rhode Island

I am excited to bring a little bit of peace to any individual who is struggling.

Victoria Palmisano

CODAC Behavioral Healthcare
Rhode Island



PeaceLove is not a licensed therapy provider. In the CREATORS training, participants learn how to utilize the arts as a way to inspire, motivate, build self-confidence, and improve lives through creative expression and a message of hope. While our programs are based on the belief that creating art is healing and life enhancing, we do not include psychotherapeutic theories or techniques in our process. We recognize that creative expression can be helpful in communicating issues, emotions, and conflicts; however, we do not evaluate, interpret, or diagnose individuals based on their work. Should serious emotional issues arise for any individual, we advise that the person seek additional support from appropriate doctors and therapists.

Becoming a PeaceLove CREATOR does not make a person a licensed therapist nor is the curriculum a substitute for therapy.