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Make stuff. Feel better.

PeaceLove develops and delivers innovative programs that improve emotional well-being through creativity. Our team building workshops build meaningful connections, trust, and belonging. These in-person or online experiences use simple creative activities and supplies to help groups let go, reflect, and connect.

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How It Works

Book a free live workshop consultation with a dedicated manager who will coordinate all the details.

Select a single workshop or a custom bundle to create a unique experience for your group.

Receive your workshop specific art kits with all of the supplies needed to participate.

Create, connect, and share as a group guided by our experienced hosts on the platform of your choice.

Populations We Serve


Plan customizable team-building experiences where employees can connect, create, and have fun, bringing a new element of camaraderie to the workplace. Give the tools that will help them work through their feelings; without it feeling like work.

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Give your community members the opportunity to promote self-care and introspection. These simple creative activities can make the journey to feeling better a little easier. A little more fun. And that little difference can make the difference — and change people’s lives.

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Engage your student community by helping them get out what they’re feeling, even if they have no idea what it is yet. They’ll connect and explore their feelings while building on social and emotional learning; all while having a little more fun.

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PeaceLove gives me a unsuspecting framework that looks like a typical team building event that surprises people in the best way. It connects them to themselves and their teams in a deeper way then they expect. And once they experience they become raving fans, telling others about it.

Travis Dutka,

I so appreciate all the work that went into planning, preparation, and execution. From the amazing packages to the fantastic hosting, it was such a joy to be creative with you all.

Darien Contu, Program Coordinator, Stand Together

Scribl’s “Story Shoes” workshop was a fun and playful escape with colleagues that changed me in small, yet transformational ways. Through the art and thoughtful question prompts I reconnected to a story I was holding, parts of it all too heavily, making it weigh on my work and my wellness. And the soothing, even affirming parts of that story emerged. And what a weight lifted. I’m a better leader-manager and Mom thanks to the experience. THANK YOU.

Participant, Spartina Consulting

Workshop Options

Dual Emotions

Exploring the relationship between different emotions experienced

Full Plate

Exploring what takes up space in our days and considering what we can do without

Doorways of Change

Reflecting on feelings surrounding transition using the symbolism of a door

Story Shoes

Expressing each person’s unique journey using three-dimensional collage and stories

Gratitude Garden

Expressing thanks for the good in our lives using the symbolism of a garden

Places and Spaces

Being present in the moment and more conscious of inner thoughts and feelings