Sample Social Media Posts Stand Together Documentary

Post #1

We’re proud to partner with PeaceLove Foundation! With workshops designed to foster reflection and connection, their programming makes finding peace of mind easy and accessible. Check out their 8 minute documentary directed by @Freethink to learn more about how creativity can be used as a tool for mental wellness.

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Post #2

Our partners over at PeaceLove Foundation are using creativity as a tool for mental wellness! Have you considered adding a creative practice to your mental wellness routine? To learn more about the healing power of expressive arts, checkout their feature from @Freethink

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Post #3

We believe in the power of storytelling, and that we each have a unique story to share! Through speaking up and raising the voices of others, we can challenge the way society thinks and talks about mental health. That’s why we’re proud to partner with PeaceLove Foundation, who make emotional wellbeing accessible through creativity and storytelling. Learn more about PeaceLove and Scribl Workshops through their feature with @Freethink

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