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Make stuff. Feel better.

Times are tough. People are hurting. And companies and organizations are eager to help, stepping up like never before to support the well-being of employees and communities. But so many of the tools and platforms out there ask a lot of employees who are already dealing with a lot. They’re all about digging in, when sometimes what people need is to just let go for a minute.

Scribl is here to help. Through live video workshops, Scribl offers simple creative activities to make feeling better a little easier, and a little more fun. With Scribl, folks don’t need words. Or gurus. Or demanding routines. Team members will release stress and worry with markers and string and glue. They’ll make stuff out of construction paper. Or paint their old shoes. They’ll Scribl out their feelings to make room for some different ones.

You can give people tools that will help them work through their feelings. And it doesn’t even have to feel like work.

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How It Works

Book a free live virtual workshop consultation

Select workshops to create a unique experience for your group

Open home-delivery kit (optional) and explore the materials

Create and connect as a group guided by our experienced hosts

Share stories of your experience and your journey to peace of mind

Dedicated PeaceLove manager to coordinate all details from start to finish


Engage your student community by helping them get out what they’re feeling, even if they have no idea what it is yet. They’ll connect and explore their feelings while building on social and emotional learning. All while having a little more fun.

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Plan customizable team-building experiences where employees can connect, create, and have fun, bringing a new element of camaraderie to the workplace. Give the tools that will help them work through their feelings; without it feeling like work.

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Give community members the opportunity to promote self-care and introspection. These simple creative activities can make the journey to feeling better a little easier. A little more fun. And that little difference can make the difference — and change people’s lives. 

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“I so appreciate all the work that went into planning, preparation, and execution. From the amazing packages to the fantastic hosting, it was such a joy to be creative with you all.”

-Darien Contu, Program Coordinator, Stand Together