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7 Ways We’re Celebrating our CREATORS Training Program!

Our CREATORS program turns 7 this year!

CREATORS began in 2015 when the demand for our expressive arts workshops outgrew our capacity to lead them ourselves. We began training frontline professionals, equipping them with supplies and curriculum, to lead our workshops with their own populations. 7 years later, we’re excited to report on the success of our CREATORS Training Program.


1. 82,000 Expressive Arts Experiences Delivered

Our CREATORS have delivered over 82,000 expressive arts experiences to their communities. This number means 82,000 chances to connect, play, recharge, and express. 82,000 chances to feel heard. This number is only possible thanks to our fantastic group of CREATORS, who work to make sure that their populations have creative outlets to express the way they feel inside.


2. 198 CREATORS Trained

We’ve trained 198 CREATORS across the United States and Canada! Our CREATORS are nurses, doctors, teachers, occupational therapists, social workers, and so much more. As we celebrate 7 years of our CREATORS program, we want to celebrate all the different community serving roles our CREATORS occupy. Our CREATORS are dedicated frontline professionals who want to give back!


3. Team Builders

You can’t be all work and no play, right? One of our favorite parts of the CREATORS program—The Team Builders! We believe in practicing what we preach. Team Builders are an opportunity for our CREATORS to mingle, check-in, and refresh. In care-centered fields, burnout is a rising problem. Team Builders are our way of giving our CREATORS a chance to get creative, recharge, and play!

Thanks to BIG NAZO LAB and the artists of the STStation for leading us in creating the painted cut-out creatures shown below for our May 2019 Team Builder.


4. Even More Workshops

Over the past 7 years, our CREATORS program has more than doubled the amount of workshops it offers. Gratitude, courage, the different roles we occupy, and the power of our words are only a few of the new themes CREATORS are exploring with their populations!


5. Virtual Trainings

In 2020 the world went virtual, and so did we! By continuing to offer virtual training, in addition to our in-person training, we are able to put creative wellness tools in the hands of as many frontline professionals as possible. This has helped lower the access barrier and make creating peace of mind even easier.


6. The CREATORS Exchange

Being a CREATOR isn’t just a role — it’s becoming part of a community! Our CREATORS Exchange is an online hub that allows all CREATORS to connect with each other. Though our program team is always happy to assist and answer questions, the CREATORS Exchange allows for collaborative brainstorming, bonding, and peer support.


7. Scholarships!

As we celebrate our CREATORS program, we have to celebrate our generous partners who have funded training scholarships! Our current scholarships are funded by our partners at Corium for the training of 10 CREATORS in the Boston and the Grand Rapids region— spots are still available! Thank you to Corium, Hasbro, CVS, and all our partners who have been integral in securing the success of the CREATORS program.


Interested in joining our CREATORS Community? Learn more about the training program and find our application at

Victoria Rose is a writer and musician from Providence, Rhode Island.