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Kicking off our Storytellers event this past May was singer, songwriter, and musician, Eems. As a musician myself and a big time music nerd, I was super excited to talk to Eems about the process of touring and producing music.

Eems is a true Renaissance artist, and keeps his hand in many different mediums. In addition to working his own album from beginning to end, Eems is also a photographer and videographer. Eems started his music career making beats for a friend, and soon he began rapping himself. It wasn’t until later in his career that he began singing.

Eems’s unique style of music is what sets him apart from everyone else, and ultimately what led him to singing in the first place. He felt he could get his voice and messages heard more when he sang. His music pulls from more than one genre, and changes from album to album. Eems creates his music with total freedom, and tries to push his creative abilities as far as he can with each music project.

Ukelele musician Eems performing at PeaceLove's storytelling event, 2018 Peace of Mind Storytellers

(Above: Eems sharing his uplifting music at our 2018 Peace of Mind Storytellers)

Eems is very transparent about his life in his music. He doesn’t confine himself to any one topic. Music, he says, is what helps him communicate with people. Touring can be very isolating, constantly going to new cities, meeting new people who may look nothing like you, who live a completely different lifestyle. But what Eems shares with me, is that music really opens everyone. Once he starts playing, he can feel a connection to the audience. In this moment, two groups who may have thought they had nothing in common are being bridged.

A reoccuring theme in Eems’s music is not giving up, and chasing your dreams no matter how hard you have to work. Eem’s most recent EP, entitled Dreems, truly embodies what it is to dream. To want, to hope, and to work. Eems has been working as a music artist full time for the past six years, and is no stranger to hard work. This, he explains, he does for his kids. To show them that they can follow their dreams. That if they work hard enough, they can achieve anything.

This artist, born and raised in Kansas City, now tours across the country playing shows and speaking at conferences like the Hallmark Creative Leadership Symposium, where he explains how he uses technology to perform his music.

Eems, a big fan of the musician Butterscotch, first heard about PeaceLove when she played at our PeaceLove Rocks fundraiser this past November. After seeing Butterscotch play, and learning more about our organization, Eems reached out about playing one of our events.

Curious about Eems? You don’t need to take my word. You can get to know him through his albums available on Spotify and iTunes.


Victoria Rose is a writer and musician from Providence, Rhode Island.