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Matt Lowe is the Founder and CEO of and an amazingly caring, driven individual. I got to speak with him earlier this morning to hear his story.

Based out of the United Kingdom, is a company that works with SEO, or “search engine optimization.” As someone who just figured out how to download Google Chrome, I am perhaps not the most qualified person to explain to you exactly how they do what they do. But I can tell you that through SEO, their company is making information accessible. They’re helping those searching online find exactly what they’re looking for, and helping companies make their information accessible to those searching for it. is dedicated to supporting mental health care. Through optimizing online performance, they work to make sure people are able to locate the resources they need. Matt worked closely in the mental health field for some time. It was hard for him to see what patients went through. He made a promise to himself that if he ever owned his own company, he’d use the opportunity to improve people’s experiences as they sought mental health care.

Matt’s interest in mental wellness and neurodiversity was born in college as he studied topics like mechanisms of the mind and human biology. At this point in our interview, Matt quotes a Storyteller he heard speak at the very first Peace of Mind Storytellers event he attended. He shares with me, “It’s not character, it’s chemical.”

I think that’s something worth reflecting on. In my own life, I struggled with being open about what I was dealing with because I thought it reflected on me as a person. In school, Matt learned about many of the different ways we can be impacted by neurological differences and mental illness. He explains to me that it’s nearly impossible to be one hundred percent neurotypical. When all the variables are taken into account, nearly everyone is influenced in some way. It’s just the degree to which we are influenced that varies. Being impacted by a neurodivergence or mental illness does not define or limit a person’s identity, nor what they can accomplish. At its foundation, it’s chemicals that form variations in human wiring. This is not to say that these things don’t need to be taken seriously, or too oversimplify complex experiences, but that they do not need to be treated so negatively.

One of the most amazing parts of speaking with Matt was hearing him share what he envisions for the future of PeaceLove. I won’t spoil any fun surprises, but it is heartwarming for me that another person, hundreds of thousands of miles away, is ignited by this common dream of people everywhere discovering new tools for mental wellness and creating peace of mind.  

I started writing for the blog this summer, and in that short time I have completely fallen in love with PeaceLove. This community is filled with such genuinely caring and wonderful individuals. I am continually so thankful for this blog, because it gives me the opportunity to talk with all of them.

Matt is deeply committed to giving people access to quality mental wellness resources. In fact, Matt and his team at donate their time and services to ensure that PeaceLove will be searchable on the internet. That anyone who needs to hear they are not alone, and to hear that they can express themselves in a healing way, will be able to find our website. That anyone who wants to hear the stories we share, or donate to our cause, will be able to do so. That anyone who searches for it will be able to find peace of mind.


Victoria Rose is a writer and musician from Providence, Rhode Island.