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Dropping the Stigma

When Mia was young, she would accompany her family on their visits to her grandmother in the hospital. For years she would visit her grandmother, yet never did she truly understand what was wrong. All her family would ever tell her was, “she’s ill.” It wasn’t until much later that Mia learned her grandmother was […]

Touching Lives In A Way Words Can’t

When I ask Kim to describe herself to me, she answers with what she says is “the most social worker answer to the question.” She tells me that before anything else, she is just a human. Kim Diorio is a dancer, and has been dancing for nearly three decades now. She is a social worker, […]


Black and white image of Jose Rosario speaking into microphone

We all know that life is a weird, wonderful, place that can sometimes feel more upside-down than right-side up. It can be coal mine to which it feels like we spend all day mining. But in every coal mine there’s a gem to be found. And in this weird, wonderful coal mine of life, there’s […]

Coping Creatively With Cancer

What is it like to work with patients who have cancer? How do you offer emotional support to those struggling through one of the scariest phases in life?  What do you do in this line of work to maintain a positive attitude? Monday, I sat down with Ceceley Chambers, and got to hear all about […]